Wooden Bracelets with zodiac sign by Plantwear!

Long awaited bracelets with zodiac signs are finally available! The Zodiac Collection by Plantwear: beaded bracelets made of natural walnut. All beads are strung onto jewelry rubber and available in 2 sizes. All neatly packed in a wooden box. 

Our beaded bracelets feature wooden medallion with stellar constellation dedicated to each zodiac sign. The brightest star is accented with natural stone. You get to choose which one your bracelet will feature: turquoise, onyx, lapis lazuli or malachite.

Choose your zodiac sign 

Capricorn – Aquarius – Pisces

Aries – Taurus – Gemini

Cancer – Leo – Virgo

Libra – Scorpio – Sagittarius

Capricorn – As a Capricorn, you focus on specifics. That’s why we’ve got an extraordinary bracelet for you: beaded bracelet with your zodiac sign and a natural stone! 

Aquarius – Independent Aquarius! Wooden bracelet with your zodiac sign is waiting for you! Check out a beaded bracelet with a natural stone dedicated to you!

Pisces – Bracelet with the Pisces zodiac sign? We’ve got it! Unique bracelet made of natural walnut beads with the stellar constellation engraved is waiting for you!

Aries – For every zodiacal Aries – beaded bracelet! The wooden medallion features a pattern of a stellar constellation. The brightest star is accented with natural stone. Discover Zodiac Collection!

Taurus – As stubborn as a… Taurus! Your bracelet with zodiac sign is waiting for you! Meet your stellar constellation and brightest star. 

Gemini – Brilliance, cleverness, talkativeness – that’s you! We made something for you: beaded bracelet with the Gemini zodiac sign in form of a stellar constellation. Look how amazing it looks!

Cancer – Bracelet with the zodiac sign – Cancer. For sensitive and sentimental zodiacal cancers! Learn more about your stellar constellation and choose your natural stone! 

Leo – You’re a zodiacal Leo and you’re looking for a dedicated bracelet? We’ve got something really beautiful for you: wooden bracelet with your zodiac sign and… with natural stone! Check it out!

Virgo – Neatness is your second name? You have to be zodiacal Virgo! Check out beaded bracelet dedicated to your zodiac sign!

Libra – You appreciate the balance and you rather avoid conflicts. Your zodiac sign has to be Libra! We’ve got something dedicated to you: beaded bracelet with natural stone and your zodiac sign. 

Scorpio – Committed as a… Scorpio! If you’re looking for bracelet with your zodiac sign, we’ve got something special for you! Beaded bracelet with stellar constellation is waiting for you!

Sagittarius – As a Sagittarius, you constantly need something new in your life. That’s why we’ve got a bracelet with your zodiac sign. Meet your stellar constellation and its’ brightest star! 

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