Wooden bracelets

Finally available! Handcrafted bracelets by Plantwear with a wooden pendant are waiting for you. Choose one of many shapes and string colors. Create your own perfect bracelet!

Our wooden bracelets aren’t just an awesome accessory. Each photo posted on on Instagram using #plantwear #plantweartrees plants a tree! Let’s plant a huge forest together!

Choose your shape


Do you find everything you love in the mountains? Do you adore fresh, alpine air? Or freedom which taste’s best on the hilltop? We were thinking about you and we designed Wooden Mountain Bracelet!

A little symbol of big passion. It will remind you good times and it will help you to go back to those moments when it was just you and nature.
Our Wooden Mountain Bracelet was made for those of you, who just love to be closer to the clouds.


Photography is your passion. You catch the moments, you perpetuate emotions and you adjure time. Something tells us, that Camera Bracelet will fit you!
It doesn’t matter if you prefer portraits or landscapes. Doesn’t matter if you’re a famous photographer or you just have started your journey. Your passion is your value – take good care of it.
And any time, when you can’t give yourself up to photographing, our wooden camera bracelet will cheer you up!


Find a wolf in yourself and join us! Wooden Wolf Bracelet is a stamp. For brave ones. For the freemen. For those who like to do their’s own thing.
Meaning of the bracelet may be different: symbol of the lifestyle, character of owner or attachement to nature. It’s your choice. Order. Try. Decide.


Apparently, the hamsa is an amulet and protector from the „wrong eye”. This symbol draws attention, for sure, and doesn’t let to forget about itself.
Hamsa means… five. Literally. In Arabic countries and Israel, the hamsa is an amulet which protects from suffering and misery. It’s also known as Hand of Fatima or Hand of Miriam. Hamsa Bracelet – what it will be for you?#PlantwearPack is waiting for you! Find a wolf in yourself and join us! Wooden Wolf Bracelet is a stamp. For brave ones. For the freemen. For those who like to do their’s own thing.
Meaning of the bracelet may be different: the symbol of the lifestyle, the character of owner or attachment to nature. It’s your choice. Order. Try. Decide.

Wind Rose

Hello, traveller! World’s explorer, top hill’s conqueror, multicultural sailor! We understand how much travelling means to you, so we designed something really special – Wind Rose Wooden Bracelet.

It will always show you the right direction – a direction of the next adventure! It doesn’t matter if you dream about reaching the world’s top hills or prefer coral reef. Wind Rose Wooden Bracelet will remind you about your travel goals even when you’re lost in a big city’s jungle!


You want to ride my bicycle? It’s healthier, more interesting and more ambitious! So, if you want to travel by your two-wheel friend and go for an adventure – please, meet your wooden bracelet – Bike. It will be your faithful travel buddy while crazy, bicycle trip. It will remind you about all the things you love, when because of everydayness, you forget how to feel joy. So, how about ride?

Sleeping Panda

We all love pandas. They are adorable, soft and clumsy and also they are unbeatable at eating and sleeping. We can admire them, we can associate with them. Now you can always have your own panda with you – we offer Wooden Panda Bracelet.

So, if you love those sweet, black&white creatures – show it by our bracelet! Just pick colour of the belt and make your bracelet really special.


Closer to the nature? We can do that! We know all the angles! And our Monstera Bracelet is another proof.

Modern design in subtle edition. Wooden version of what usually is green. Subtlety and style in one. Monstera’s leaves never were so intriguing. And now they are. Because of our wooden Monstera Bracelet.


The cat is as domestic as it want. It does not always want to be close to you. It is free – it is a cat. So if you feel that your heart is purring, choose a cat’s pendant on a gentle bracelet. Because being a cat lover is a distinction.


No one is able to appreciate the genius contained in your words as your dog does. It thinks about you all the time, as soon as you close the door behind you. There are still the places where you cannot take your pet with you, but you can always have a bracelet that will remind you about it.
You haven’t got a dog? Still, you can show that this pet lives in your heart. The dog-shaped pendant is a proof of being a real fan of cynology.


Unusual people are like diamonds – noble and rare. Have you ever met a real human diamond? Give him a unique bracelet with a wooden pendant.
And don’t forget to choose the one for you – the real diamonds always hold together, don’t they?


Ahoy, captain! Are you leaving for uncharted waters? Do you feel the wind in your hair? Or maybe you just like singing sea shanties or wearing nautical motifs?
Dock here – an anchor bracelet is waiting for you.
Are you dreaming about a star from heaven? You can own it! Maybe not shiny, maybe not all in the stardust, but certainly original and unique, because … made of wood.


Some people say that  the universe is infinite. But what about your plans? Dreams? Goals? Feelings? There are many reasons to choose a bracelet with the infinity symbol. So, what is yours?

Subtlety, delicacy, style – if these values are close to you, you will certainly enjoy the wooden cross on the bracelet.


Subtlety, delicacy, style – if these values are close to you, you will certainly enjoy the wooden cross on the bracelet.
A toned, unintrusive pendant is a suggestion for those who believe that less is more. Because an intriguing decoration does not have to be loud.


Love is in the air! You can feel it too. Love the world, love your life, love every day.
And if you love Someone Unique … give him a bracelet with a heart-shaped pendant. With true emotions! And choose one for yourself as well. Because you need two to love.


One and two, one and two, even pace, even breath! Do you believe that exercises keep you fit and the gym is your second home?

You will definitely like the bracelet with the wooden dumbbell. An interesting fashion accessory not only for sports stylizations. Let them know you are fit!

The fox

Walking, walking… a fox… Well, our fox is not walking. But it looks incredible! Magic? No, it’s the power of the natural wood and hand woven bracelets.

Everyone will note it and ask: where did you get it? Choose the fox! You deserve it.

Four-leaf clover

Not everyone is able to find a four-leaf clover. So we’ve got one for you! What is more, you can wear it as a stylish bracelet.

So? Will you buy a four-leaf clover for good luck?


The missing part of your life puzzle is … Well… unfortunately – we cannot find it for you. But we can offer the missing element of your everyday style.

How about the unique bracelet with a puzzle pendant? It fits you best!

The Tibetan symbol of eternal happiness

The Tibetan symbol of eternal happiness: an infinite interlaced knot. Do you want to wear it on your own bracelet? No problem – it’s waiting for you.

It will always remind you that the best is still to come!

Plantwear: waxed string bracelets with a wooden pendant

Plantwear wooden watches have already a large group of their fans. That’s why we have decided to extend our offer by original waxed bracelets! Their most important element is a wooden pendant in many different shapes.

Thanks to this, we can boldly say that our wooden women’s bracelets will appeal to every woman who appreciate modern design and Polish manual production. We take care of every detail, that’s why our waxed string bracelets delight with a careful craft.

Men’s bracelets – because a fashionable man wears not only a watch!

Men’s jewellery is not just a watch. More and more fashionable men choose men’s bracelets, which are a stylish and elegant wrist decoration. We have also prepared something for them: Plantwear men’s bracelets.

Our wooden bracelets join fashionable design and high quality. That’s why bracelets with a wooden pendant from Plantwear looks perfect especially next to the watch. Trendy, dark colours of a waxed string and a wide range of pendant designs make the ideal men’s bracelet for both a fan of modern forms and a fan of traditional minimalism.

Bracelets for friends, bracelets with an infinity symbol or a name …

Plantwear bracelets have 19 patterns – each is different and designed for different needs or tastes. Which of them convince you most?

We’ve got something for the nature lovers (an apple bracelet, a flower bracelet), for those who love animals (a dog bracelet, a cat bracelet, a fox bracelet), for minimalism lovers

(a cross bracelet, a diamond bracelet, a crescent bracelet, an anchor bracelet) and for those who prefer symbolism (a Tibetan luck sign, an infinity bracelet, a yin yang bracelet, a clover bracelet or a puzzle bracelet).


A bracelet with someone’s name? We’ve got it in our offer. You can choose the name of the beloved person or just add yours and give it to your other half.


Friendship bracelets? Couple bracelets? You can also find them here. We strongly recommend the infinity bracelets, bracelets with someone’s name or classical bracelets with a heart.