Horizons of Imagination

Fusion which fascinates. The beauty of natural wood and resin closed in a subtle necklace. Wooden Necklaces – Horizons of Imagination are dedicated to women who appreciate minimalism, originality and subtlety. Pendants are available in 3 different shapes (heart, triangle and circle) with natural stone – turquoise and a chain made of silver (hallmark: 925).

Each piece of wood used to make the necklace is broken by hand. That’s why it’s special and extraordinary. Look at it and say what do you see? Everyone will see something different in the wooden necklace and that’s why we named them…Horizons of Imagination. Also, we designed a special wooden box so you could give a necklace as a gift.

Wooden necklace – Horizons of Imagination – Moon

We have stolen a piece of heaven and now, it’s going to steal your heart! Meet wooden necklace with Moon from “Horizons of Imagination” Collection. Intriguing jewellery for everyone who loves subtle, but still original accessories. Perfect choice for those who want to stand out of the crowd.

Wooden necklace – Horizons of Imagination – Heart

Feel in love with the wood! Discover the “Horizons of Imagination” Collection. Wooden Necklaces designed for those, who want to wear something extraordinary. Speaking of love… meet wooden necklace with heart. Symbol of big feelings and true emotions.

Wooden necklace – Horizons of Imagination – Circle

Something simple, universal, but still original? Meet wooden necklace with Circle by Plantwear. Part of “Horizons of Imagination” Collection: wooden jewellery made with love for nature and simplicity.
The circle symbolizes harmony, balance, and perfection. But it still can mean something different for you. What it would be?

Wooden necklace – Horizons of Imagination – Triangle

Triangle or mountains? What will your wooden necklace “Horizons of Imagination” tell you? It’s up to you! We took care of a solid necklace made of hand-broken wood and transparent resin.

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