Plantwear Wooden Glasses

Wooden Prescription Frames

Premium wooden prescription frames – highest quality and original design. Meet prescription eyewear made of wood and fall in love with natural materials! Three brand new shapes available in two veneer types.

Wooden Sunglasses

Unique & handcrafted wooden sunglasses by Plantwear – they are more than just accessories. They are a part of your everyday style. All our models are unisex.  Order. Try them on. You have a 100 days to change your mind. All products come with a 24-month warranty!

Wooden Eyewear Brings Nature’s Flair to Sunglasses

If you’re looking for sunglasses that are trendy, sustainably made, and different from anything your friends will have, be sure to check out Plantwear’s wooden sunglasses product line. You’ll be able to find sunglasses in all of the most common styles, all made of wood.

When you wear wooden sunglasses, you’re making a fashion statement as well as a political statement: you care about the earth, and you care about looking good. At Plantwear, we’re right there with you and want to make sure we make the right wooden sunglasses for you.

Benefits Of Wooden Eyewear

Wooden sunglasses bring a retro yet modern feeling to the traditional UV blocking and eye-saving accessory. With Plantwear, you can pick between walnut, rosewood, icewood, walnut, and zebra wood, among others.

The type of wood you pick for your sunglasses will change the texture as well as the visuals of your glasses, so you’ll have an opportunity for a level of customizability that few other sunglasses can offer.

No matter which style and type of wood you pick, you’ll stick out from the crowd by your visible commitment to environmental friendliness and unique aesthetics.

Buying sustainable and beautiful wood doesn’t mean that you need to struggle with special lens or frame care, though. With our included instructions, keeping your wooden sunglasses in tip top shape for their entire lifetime will be a snap.

You’ll find our frames to require little maintenance, and that our woods are resistant to cracking, staining, warping, or discoloring, like traditional sunglass frames may be.

Finding Wooden Eyewear on Plantwear

At Plantwear, we know that your commitment to looking good can’t clash with keeping the planet healthy.

When you buy your wooden sunglasses through Plantwear, you’ll get all the advantages that Plantwear offers, including free shipping, sustainably sourced eyewear, low prices, and a wide variety of styles.

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