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Zodiakalne Ryby są bardzo emocjonalne. Żyją we własnej krainie La La , ale ludzie kochają ich za troskę . Zawsze możesz na nich liczyć, nawet jeśli wydają się nie zwracać uwagi. Bransoletka dla nich? Drewniana Bransoletka ze Znakiem Zodiaku Ryby. Drewniany medalion przedstawia Twoją własną konstelację gwiezdną.

Dowiedz się, który kamień naturalny jest dla Ciebie idealny. Wybierz turkus , onyks , lapis lazuli lub malachit


Customize the box:

Get a personal engraving on the box. Beware that product with engraving cannot be returned nor refunded. It is not possible to engrave emoticons and special characters.


Wooden Bracelet with zodiac sign: Pisces

Imagination and ability to commit. You seem like you don’t belong to this era and you live in your very own world. Zodiacal Pisces are loved because of their empathy and thoughtfulness. And Pisces will fall in love with our new wooden jewelry! Wooden Bracelet Zodiacal Sign Pisces with stellar constellations is an absolute must-have!

Beaded bracelets – for her and for him!

Bracelet with the Pisces Zodiac Sign is made to suit everyone’s need. It’s a unisex bracelet available in two sizes – will fit perfectly on both women and men wrists. Remember: beaded bracelets never go out of the style!

Technical Data: 

  • bracelet material: wooden beads (walnut) strung onto jewelry rubber
  • natural stone: turquoise, onyx, malachite, lapis lazuli
  • Pendant maintenance: natural oil
zodiac bracelet pisces



Stone of winners, thinkers, and warriors.

Assigned properties:

  • stimulates lucidity, boosts concentration
  • favors analytical thinking
  • motivates to solving problems
  • symbolizes honesty, commitment, self-acceptance



Stone of activity and inner strength.

Assigned properties:

  • helps face stressful situations
  • increases control over life
  • supports physical and intellectual activity
  • sets free from past and unwanted memories

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Stone of truth, harmony, and inspiration.

Assigned properties:

  • supports spiritual growth and harmony
  • develops creativity, stimulates lucidity 
  • comforts and helps see the truth
  • helps combat negative emotions



Stone of transformation, success, change for the better.

Assigned properties:

  • comforts in implementing changes in life
  • opens the heart for harmony
  • helps reducing negative thoughts
  • mixes logical thinking and intuition, develops creativity
Weight 0.101 kg
Dimensions 19 × 30 × 3 cm

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