Wooden Necklaces by Plantwear

The beauty of natural simplicity

Highlight your character! Meet leather chokers with wooden pendants. Choose the element that suits your personality – fire, water, air and or earth? Match the color of leather belts (pink, beige, black) and enjoy the original accessories!

Once again, nature wants to impress you with its beauty! Discover the collection of necklacesInsects” and see what great charm lies in small insects. We have necklaces inspired by butterflies, beetles, bugs … Something surprising for everyone! Check!

Each one is different, each one is special. We break wood by hand and make an extraordinary design of the necklace. We add colorless resin and… that’s how we make wooden necklaces by Plantwear “Horizons of Imagination”. What do you see in your necklace?

Get to know the wooden necklaces from Plantwear! Above all: made for those who love originality. In addition: designed to impress at first sight. At the end: gift packed. Simply thoughtful in every way.

Plantwear wooden necklaces now have 2 product lines: silver chained Horizons of Imagination pendant and Leather Chokers with symbols of the 4 elements. The former are the perfect choice for subtle minimalists who appreciate delicate but intriguing jewelry. Chokers are in turn a proposal for brave women who want to stand out. Moreover, perfectly matched to our Fusion series watches! Which wooden necklace suits you?

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