Bracelets with engraving that plant trees!

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Engraved Bracelets


Originality, minimalistic design and magic of true emotions – our engraved bracelets have it all! Your text, chosen wood type and cord’s colour will make your bracelet something more than just a piece of jewellery. What will you choose: engraved bracelet with a name, a date or a blood type? Or maybe you’ll decide on your own text?

Jewellery with personalized box


Engraved bracelets are the perfect gift idea! If you need more space to express your feelings… choose jewellery with personalized boxes! We can engrave your text on the wooden lid – take a look how stunning it is!


Happiness Bracelets


Zodiac Bracelets


Wooden Nackleces


4 Elements Bracelets


Leather Chokers

Engraved wooden bracelet – more than jewellery!

 If you thought that jewellery can’t make you smile, well, you were wrong! There’s nothing more special than a personalized piece! That’s why you can customize wooden braided bracelets! It’s a perfect gift idea for somebody special in your life. All you have to do is to choose your text, wood type and cord’s colour!

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