Wooden Sunglasses

Unique & handcrafted wooden sunglasses by Plantwear – they are more than just an accessory. They are a part of your everyday style. All our models are unisex. Discover the new 11 collections inspired by world’s most beautiful lakes.
Order. Try. You get a 100 days to change your mind. All products come with a 24 month warranty! 

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At Plantwear we create style. Our domains are originality & pure simplicity. Choose your wooden sunglasses.

Annecy Collection

Stylish, elegant, and intriguing – that’s what the Annecy Collection is all about. The Annecy lake is one of the cleanest is Europe. This collection features a regular form and a flowing top line. They will perfectly fir both your casual and official style. Universal yet unique – is this what you’re looking for?

Malawi Collection

Meet the African lake inspired Malawi Collection sunglasses. The lake itself is over 500 kilometers loooooong. The sunglasses have an oval shape in contrast with the lake. Choose your natural wood and lens color. Order, try, love.

Caspian Collection

Large, sharp, and eye-catching – that what the Caspian Collection is all about. They make a huge statement, just like the Caspian Sea that inspired out to create them. Whether you choose to go with Oak, Walnut, Mahogany, or Dyed Maple they make the perfect everyday companion!

Como Collection

Where do George Clooney, Madonna, and Brad Pitt live? They all own properties on the shore of lake Como. Italian elegance and style in its essence. Choose your wood type & lens color. We’ll ship the via UPS Express and you’ll get to feel like a true star!

Saimaa Collection

Surprising – that’s the word that describes the Saimaa Collection wooden sunglasses best. Oval lenses are normally reserved to specific face-shapes, but all we needed to do is give edges a sharper finish to make them very universal & stylish. The name Saimaa came from famous lakes of Finland.

Melar Collection

Love sailing? You’ll love the Melar Collection! Inspired the lake Melar – Sweden’s best sailing spot featuring multiple small islands. Whether you enjoy the natural environment or you’re a fan of big city life – this collection will make you feel and look good wherever you go!

Lugano Collection

The Alps and a beautiful lake bordering Switzerland and Italia. Lake Lugano has an unforgettable vibe. We were truly inspires by its magical climate. Large lenses and a minimalist design are its key features. Remember – minimal = power!

Erie Collection

Meet the Erie Collection wooden sunglasses. A little retro, a little modern – they are a connect between the past and the present. Their name is inspired by the lake Erie that connect lake Ontario and lake Huron. What are they like? They seem large and bold, but they are beautifully simple.

Mamry Collection

This collection was inspired by a domestic lake in Poland – the Mamry lake. It is one of the most beautiful sailing spots in Europe with a ship wreck sitting on its bed. This makes it a great diving spot. Choose your lens color and wood type and enjoy your time spent on the beach!

Victoria Collection

This lake was named after the British Queen in the 19th century. Now it became an inspiring to the most funky wooden eye-wear collection. Meet the Victoria Collection – let everyone notice you wherever you go. Are they made for You?

Ontario Collection

Isn’t it great when your sunglasses not only protect you from harmful UV rays but they also look great and make you look great? Discover the Ontario Collecion wooden sunglasses. This collection was inspired by one of five Great Lakes. The USA/Canada border cut the lake right in the middle. That’s why the frame has an additional horizontal line between the lenses. The result? Try, check out, decide!

Wooden Eyewear Brings Nature’s Flair to Sunglasses

If you’re looking for sunglasses that are trendy, sustainably made, and different from anything your friends will have, be sure to check out Plantwear’s wooden sunglasses product line. You’ll be able to find sunglasses in all of the most common styles, all made of wood.

When you wear wooden sunglasses, you’re making a fashion statement as well as a political statement: you care about the earth, and you care about looking good. At Plantwear, we’re right there with you and want to make sure we make the right wooden sunglasses for you.

Benefits Of Wooden Eyewear

Wooden sunglasses bring a retro yet modern feeling to the traditional UV blocking and eye-saving accessory. With Plantwear, you can pick between walnut, rosewood, icewood, walnut, and zebra wood, among others.

The type of wood you pick for your sunglasses will change the texture as well as the visuals of your glasses, so you’ll have an opportunity for a level of customizability that few other sunglasses can offer.

No matter which style and type of wood you pick, you’ll stick out from the crowd by your visible commitment to environmental friendliness and unique aesthetics.

Buying sustainable and beautiful wood doesn’t mean that you need to struggle with special lens or frame care, though. With our included instructions, keeping your wooden sunglasses in tip top shape for their entire lifetime will be a snap.

You’ll find our frames to require little maintenance, and that our woods are resistant to cracking, staining, warping, or discoloring, like traditional sunglass frames may be.

Finding Wooden Eyewear on Plantwear

At Plantwear, we know that your commitment to looking good can’t clash with keeping the planet healthy.

When you buy your wooden sunglasses through Plantwear, you’ll get all the advantages that Plantwear offers, including free shipping, sustainably sourced eyewear, low prices, and a wide variety of styles.