Happiness Bracelets with wooden medallion!

The most beautiful version of minimalism. Subtle and light. Original and eye-catching: Plantwear’s happiness bracelets! Choose your own medallion and thread’s color – make bracelet which fits you! Let someone special tie it on your wrist, so bracelet will bring you luck!

Simplicity is the power. That’s why we mix thin thread with wooden medallion and silver elements. Bracelets are hidden in a charming, wooden box – it’s perfect for a gift! Just to share it with someone you love!

happiness bracelet flower

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Paw

Symbol of the most beautiful kind of friendship: between a human and an animal. Bracelet with a paw is just a perfect gift idea for every dog and cat lover! Now, you can take your dog for a walk wherever you go! Or just remember, that your cat is probably trying to take over the world.  

The paw bracelet will remind you about this special connection every single day!

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Flower

Hello spring, is it you? Happiness Bracelet Flower has just appeared on our meadow, blossomed and now is waiting for your wrist. Minimalist, fresh, original.

Choose the color of vegan nylon thread and enjoy the minimalistic decoration that impresses throughout the year. This small flower has a great power!

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Heart

A little symbol of big feelings. Love is everywhere, so it has to be one of our happiness bracelets’ medallions. And when we say love – we have a heart in our minds. Happiness Bracelet – Heart is ready!

Show your love or give it someone special. Because we believe, that little gestures can turn somebody’s day round.

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Fish

Do you like unusual symbols? Originality in the vein of minimalism? No blatancy, but with “WOW” effect? If you said yes: we know exactly what you need: Happiness Bracelet – Fish.

It’s simple but original. Elegant and universal. Will it help you make your dreams come true? Will it make you smile? Or it will be a nice surprise for you or someone special? It’s your call.

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Cross

Sometimes, the expression of good style is simplicity. Subtlety still has a great power, and at times, less means more. So if you like delicate accents and simple forms, Happiness Bracelet – Cross will steal your heart.

It doesn’t have to be bold, to be beautiful. Dark wood, vegan nylon and silver is a mix, which deserves a more attention.

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Hamsa

Do you like symbols? We have something for you: something little, subtle, charming…. something exactly like our Happiness Bracelet – Hamsa. Hamsa means… five. Literally. In Arabic countries and Israel, the hamsa is an amulet which protects from suffering and misery.

A talisman or interesting finery – decide, try it on, wear with pride and enjoy it every day!

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Crown

Every queen of her own tale should have a crown! But it doesn’t have to be diamond-studded, to impress. Our Happiness Bracelet – Crown will prove it!

It’s fine, non-pushy, charming… but it glows on a wrist and is a perfect eye-catcher. Just choose the color of vegan nylon thread and it’s done: you can wear your crown!

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Butterfly

Subtlety, elusiveness, freedom… cosmic flight, meadow covered with flowers, spring morning… we closed all the good things in wooden butterfly medallion.

Emotions, colours, experiences – Happiness Bracelet – Butterfly hides all of them.

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Star

Do you dream about your own piece of heaven? We can’t guarantee you one, but we are sure, that with our Star Happiness Bracelet you will feel seraphically!

Subtlety and finesse always win with gaudiness and blatancy. That’s why it’s time for simple jewellery! See for yourself!

Wooden Happiness Bracelet – Clover

What is the most known symbol of happiness? Clover, of course! We all want to find a four-leaf clover. Now, you can have your own symbol of good fortune! Meet our Clover Happiness Bracelet.

It’s surprising how simplicity can be so glamorous!

Happiness Bracelet – minimalism is always glamour!

We love minimalism, because we are aware, that simplicity has a great power. It entrances, intrigues, it’s an eyecatcher… and it’s not flashy. That’s why we decide to add happiness bracelets to our offer. It’s a stylish mix of a vegan nylon thread, wooden medallion (American walnut) and silver elements (silver hallmark: 925).
If you hold subtlety dear and you find pure beauty in simple solutions, our happiness bracelets will steal your heart! You can choose between 8 versions of a wooden medallion and 5 thread’s colors. Make your own talisman!

The most beautiful version of minimalism. Choose a color of vegan nylon thread and make your own good-luck charm.

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