Moments Bracelet – Zodiac – Taurus


Are you looking for jewelry that will be more than just an accessory? Discover the Moments – Zodiac – Taurus bracelet. To create it, we used emeralds, i.e. the lucky stones of the Taurus zodiacs.

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Moments Bracelet – Zodiac – Taurus



  • bracelet material: black jewelry string
  • stones: emerald, black pearl with irregular shapes
  • regulating ball: stainless steel
  • additional elements: silver 925 beads
  • bracelet length: adjustable
  • standard packing: cotton pouch


The stones used in the bracelets are natural stones. Their color may be different from those presented in the photos.

Bracelet Moments – Zodiac – Taurus will delight you at first sight, all thanks to the beautiful, deep color of natural emeralds. Their greenery is associated with spring and nature awakening to life, which is why this stone is a perfect match for the zodiacal Taurus, i.e. people born at the turn of April and May.

Taurus people keep their feet on the ground. They are calm and balanced, but they attach great importance to material goods, therefore jewelry for them must be unique. If you are looking for a gift, e.g. for a girl, a bracelet with emeralds will hit the spot! By giving it as a gift, you will show how much you value it. Interestingly, in ancient Rome, the emerald symbolized the beauty and love of the goddess Venus, which is why it is the perfect jewelry for lovers!

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