Moments Bracelet – Zodiac – Gemini


Your zodiac sign can take the form of jewelry. Proof? Explore the moonstone bracelet, perfect for all Gemini zodiacs.

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Moments Bracelet – Zodiac – Gemini



  • bracelet material: black jewelry string
  • stones: moonstone, irregularly shaped black pearl
  • regulating ball: stainless steel
  • additional elements: silver 925 beads
  • bracelet length: adjustable
  • standard packing: cotton pouch


The stones used in the bracelets are natural stones. Their color may be different from those presented in the photos.

Moonstone, black pearl and silver – that’s all you need to create simple and original jewelry. Full of charm and symbols. Delightful lightness, minimalism and beauty flowing from nature. We designed the bracelet with the zodiacal Gemini in mind – many people believe that the moonstone brings happiness to the Twins.

However, this is not only a bracelet for Gemini. A bracelet on a string will also delight every fan of minimalism. It is timeless, so it looks great both with jeans and, for example, with a cocktail dress. It will also be a perfect gift for a girlfriend or a friend. Many people believe that a moonstone bracelet brings peace as well as helps to maintain emotional balance and attracts positive circumstances. Maybe it will become your talisman?

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