Leather Choker – 4 Elements – Water – Dark Wood


Leather chokers available in 3 colors (pink, beige, black) with a wooden pendant featuring one of 4 elements. Choker perfectly fits wooden watches Fusion and leather bracelets “4 Elements”.

Choose Water: the element of persons full of paradoxes, who value intuition and emotions. Made for empathetic ones, thoughtful, fascinated with psychology.


Leather Choker – Water

Are you wondering if this emblem is perfect for you? Read the description below and find out if Leather Choker – Water fits you! 

The mystery of deep ocean or a fresh, subtle breeze? You are enigmatic and complicated, full of paradoxes. You hold emotions and intuition dear. You believe that feelings run the world. You’re fascinated with psychology. You understand others and care about them.

Your element is Water.

Looking for an original set? Leather chokers match Fusion Series wooden watches and leather bracelets “4 Elements”!

Technical Data: 

  • choker material: genuine leather 
  • pendant material: american walnut
  • variable size (30-35 cm)
  • clasp material: stainless steel
  • Pendant maintenance: natural oil

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