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Bespoke Handcrafted Wooden Rings

Looking for a wooden ring as special as you are?

Plantwear’s range of beautiful wood rings is characterized by their individuality. Every ring is made from a carefully selected piece of wood from an FSC approved forest. Because nature ensures no two pieces of wood are the same, you can be sure your ring will be different from every other ring produced in Plantwear’s studio.

Making one of these rings involves a process called ‘hand-breaking’, where Plantwear chooses the perfect piece of wenge wood, breaks it by hand, and uses crystal resin to connect the pieces.

Every part of the process ensures your ring is as unique as you are.


Made Just for You

Every wood ring is created for an individual order. The Plantwear team will process your order within 24 hours and set to work on creating your custom wood ring.

From beginning to end, the creation process takes 3-7 business days because art takes time and all Plantwear products are handmade in-house.


5 Radiant Colors

Plantwear rings are created in five effervescent colors:

  • Blue Fog
  • Blue Wave
  • Golden Flakes
  • Pink Wave
  • Silver Flakes


When You Buy Plantwear

When you buy Plantwear, you’re making a purchase that is truly eco-friendly. All raw wood is sourced from forests approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC approval means the forest is recognized as being managed in a socially, environmentally, and economically stable way.

Every piece of wood arriving in the studio comes from a tree that was cut down to make room for new trees. These forest management practices protect plants and animals in the forest. Plantwear uses that wood to make beautiful, sustainable pieces of art.

Plantwear also fulfills all orders in-house. From design to sourcing materials to the creation of the ring, all products are made in a sustainable, people and plant friendly space.

Bonus: You’ll also get free UPS shipping with every order.