Leather Chokers – jewellery for brave ones!

Which element is perfect for you? Fire, water, earth or air? Discover leather chokers – jewellery for the brave women who want to stand out of the crowd! Choose the color of the leather belt – pink, beige or black and create your own choker. The wooden medallion features the symbol of one element which makes it really special! 

Our chokers perfectly fit Fusion Series watches and leather bracelets “4 elements”. You can create your own set! Original and dedicated packaging also makes it a perfect gift idea. 

Leather Choker – Fire

You can destroy, but also you can give warmth. You are dynamic, passionate, brave about making decisions. You run for the unknown. You still want more and more. You get pleasure out of exploring. And also you know who you are and you are aware of own strength.

Your element is Fire.

Leather Choker – Water

The mystery of deep ocean or a fresh, subtle breeze? You are enigmatic and complicated, full of paradoxes. You hold emotions and intuition dear. You believe that feelings run the world. You’re fascinated with psychology. You understand others and care about them.

Your element is Water.

Leather Choker – Earth

You are pragmatic and realist. You keep both feet on the ground. People can count on you. You appreciate stability and peace. You check, analyze and then you decide what to do. You’re like a foundation – persistent, industrious but careful. You believe in goals – not in dreams. You can take control of everything. 

Your element is Earth.

Leather Choker – Air

You’re everywhere but sometimes you’re hard to find. Freedom is the most important value in your life. You don’t believe in restrictions. You go beyond frames. You can be strong as a gale, sometimes subtle as a breeze. You explore the world every day. Unpredictability, imponderability – that’s you.

Your element is Air.

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