Space Collection

Wooden Mirror-Coated Sunglassses

We bet on joy! Space-inspired glasses with mirror lens made of wood – for those who are brave, free, who like to stand out and … enjoy life! It’s time for color, shine, smile and catching every day. Choose handcrafted quality and modern design with full UV protection – put on the Space collection from Plantwear!

Choose shape:

Real outer space! Wooden sunglasses with mirror-coated lenses inspired by endless space! The power of color. The strength of brightness. The joy of life. Think outside the box and enjoy every moment! Take a chance and feel the originality and full UV protection! 

Wooden Sunglasses with mirror-coated lenses – Polish, solid, fashionable!

It’s a must-have! Expressive mirror-coated sunglasses. They are handcrafted in our workshop in Poland. From the beginning to the end, made by our craftsmen to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. It would seem that wooden sunglasses with mirrored lenses are just a design. But in this case it is also an effective protection against UV radiation (100% UVA and UVB). That’s why it’s worth to bet on Plantwear!

Do not be fooled by Chinese imitations. Protect your eyes responsibly and support European business. An important aspect when choosing glasses is not only design, but also polarization and UV protection.

For her and for him – fashionable sunglasses

Are glasses with mirrored lenses are designed only for women? Of course not! It’s a kind of sunglasses that are chosen also by men! The Space collection from Plantwear will surely serve well to the lads. We recommend them with Blue and Black Mirror lenses. Thanks to this, the mirror shine of the glasses will be slightly more subdued. But … the world belongs to the brave ones!

Fashionable Space wooden sunglasses should be in the wardrobe of every fashion lover! They will emphasize your joy of life, they will charge your batteries up with positive energy. Choose the Plantwear Space collection and stand out from the crowd!

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