Wooden Bracelet – Yin Yang – Light Wood


Trendy, handcrafted bracelet made of waxed cord with a wooden pendant. Subtle, intriguing, eye-catching. Choose a colour of the string and step up your wrist game with a unique wooden bracelet.

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Wooden Bracelet – Yin Yang – Light Wood

Two opposite but complementary powersof the universe: yin and yang. On the one hand: passivity, submission, sadness, coldness and winter and on the other: activity, joy, warmth and summer. She and he. The sun and the moon. The beauty of adversity. Ambiguous, dynamic, fit – just like a bracelet with a yin & yang pendant.

Technical data:

  • Bracelet material: waxed cord
  • Pendant material: wooden plywood
  • Bracelet circumference: adjustable between 13 and 27 cm
  • String width: 6mm or 10mm
  • Preservation: natural oil
  • Instructions for use: avoid prolonged water exposure (bath, swimming pool)


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