Plantwear Wooden Phone Cases

Plantwear offers a range of wooden phone cases designed for Apple and Samsung products. The line is based on the design ethos of creating works of art from natural materials.

Each of these phone cases includes a beautiful design. Whether you’re looking to show off the holistic beauty of a gorgeous piece of wood on its own or you’re looking for design based on the natural world, there’s a case or two for you.


Choose Your Favorite Wood

All the wood used by Plantwear to make phone cases comes from FSC approved forests. Here are a few of the types of wood to choose from:

  • Mango
  • Imbuia
  • Indian Rosewood
  • Padouk
  • Maple
  • Apple Tree
  • Walnut
  • Aniegre


Protect Your Device

Harness the strength of natural, high-quality wood to protect your phone from the elements.

The combination of the natural wood and high-quality polymer means these cases are up to the job of caring for your devices. More importantly, they can protect your phone, look good, and promote sustainable resources and design.

Plantwear’s wooden phone cases are protected using both natural wax and two layers of matte finish lacquer. The finish protects the case itself from scratches and protects the natural color of the wood.


Why Plantwear

Buying Plantwear’s wood phone cases is making an investment in the Earth. All wood used in Plantwear designs comes from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved forests. An FSC approved forest is one that is managed in an economically, environmentally, and socially stable way.

The wood sourced for Plantwear’s product ranges comes from trees cut down to make room for new trees. Refreshing a forest’s trees protects both local plants and wildlife living in the forests.
Plantwear’s conscious approach to design doesn’t end with sourcing materials. All orders are processed, designed, and created at Plantwear’s in-house workshop, so you know every part of the process is completed with sustainability in mind.

Don’t forget, Plantwear also offers free shipping.