Wooden Prescription Frames – Premium Collection

Finally here! Wooden prescription frames by Plantwear! Made of natural wood veneer and carbon fiber, surprisingly light and comfortable, but still tough and durable. 

Choose your style:

Helsinki Prescription Frames

Are you looking for quality and unusual design? Meet Helsinki wooden frames! We took care of every single detail, so you can be sure that your eyewear are really special. Made of natural wood: mix of veneer and carbon fiber.

Nairobi Prescription Frames

Shine wherever you go! Choose Nairobi wooden frames. Brave, expressive, eye-catching. Your new eyewear will help you to deal with boredom and grey everyday life.

Stockholm Prescription Frames

On the one hand: Scandinavian simplicity, on the other: Polish quality – Stockholm prescription frames prove that it’s an amazing mix! Convenience and comfort in use – we guarantee that they will not let you down!

Wooden Prescription Frames

Looking for eye-catching accessories? You will fall in love with our new products! Plantwear wooden prescription frames are an essential addition to your everyday outfit. Original, unconventional, and at the same time solidly made and very comfortable in everyday use. Do you need more to choose your perfect wooden eyeglasses?

Choose European quality – choose wooden, handcrafted prescription frames. We have got extra special wood-working skills, so we take care of every single step and detail ourselves. And we are sure that our wooden frames won’t let you down!

Our products are eye-catching, but this is not their only advantage. They will make you stand out and still feel very comfortable – all day, every day. That’s why our wooden frames are ultra-light, thin, and durable! It’s all thanks to the innovative fusion of natural wood veneer and carbon fiber used in their core.

You will also be surprised by the diversity! Classic Helsinki, round Nairobi or contemporary Stockholm? Choose your favorite frame shape today!

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