Magnetic Bracelets

Characteristic, original and natural: that’s all about magnetic wooden bracelets by Plantwear. Choose the perfect option for yourself!

Magnetic bracelets – simplicity and originality

Sometimes innovative solutions use simple mechanisms and eventually give a great effect. And this is how our adventure with using magnets in jewellery has begun. For several months we’ve been thinking how to mix a minimalistic design with a trouble-free fastening. A moment later, we came up with a brilliant idea: why we don’t put magnets into a bracelet? It sounds easy, and in the matter of fact: it’s easy. So we put invisible magnets into the bracelets and that was it. We’ve solved the problem of size selection. 

What’s so surprising about a magnetic bracelet?

It may seem like it’s nothing extraordinary. A simple design, minimalistic form, and subtle look. But it’s really something more about this bracelet. The fastening is based on magnets: you can easily put in on and take it off. It will fit your wrist no matter how wide it is. And guess what: you’ll never see the magnets because we’ve hidden them in the bracelet! 

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