Wooden Jewellery by Plantwear

The beauty of natural simplicity

In Plantwear we believe that beauty comes from nature. That’s why the main material we choose is wood. Wooden jewellery by Plantwear merge original, minimalistic design with unusual charm. We care about quality, so each product is made with high precision.

Wooden jewellery by Plantwear is made in Poland. All necklaces and bracelets are handcrafted in our workshop in Radzyn Podlaski. We care about beautiful packaging and you may fall in love with our products at first sight. That’s why wooden jewellery by Plantwear is a perfect gift idea!

[banner title=”Leather Bracelets” subtitle=”Pendants with symbols of 4 Elements on leather straps.” link_url=”/leather-bracelets” bg_image=”47248″ height=”400px”]

We meet your expectations! We join the offer leather bracelets in 3 colors: beige, pink and black. What distinguishes them? Wooden pendants with symbols of 4 elements: fire, water, earth and air. Which one fits you?

[banner title=”Zodiac Collection” subtitle=”Star constellations for each Zodiac sign.” link_url=”/zodiac-bracelets” bg_image=”46937″ height=”400px”]

A piece of a night sky captured in a bracelet! The “Zodiac” collection consists of 12 bracelets made of wooden beads, strung on a rubber band. Each of them has a pendant with a stellar constellation and a natural stone in the place of the brightest star.

[banner title=”Happiness bracelets” subtitle=”The most beautiful version of minimalism” link_url=”/happiness-bracelets” bg_image=”43819″ height=”400px”]

The most beautiful version of minimalism. Subtle and light. Original and eye-catching: Plantwear’s happiness bracelets! Choose your own medallion and thread’s colour – make bracelet which fits you! Let someone special tie it on your wrist, so bracelet will bring you luck!

[banner title=”Braided bracelets” subtitle=”Our wooden bracelets wear both women and men” link_url=”/braided-bracelets” bg_image=”43820″ height=”400px”]

Something for animal lovers, for those who prefer symbols, something for travellers, sportsmen, couples or friends – among handmade braided bracelets with wooden medallion, everyone will find something special! And thanks to the bracelet – everyone can plant a tree!

[banner title=”Leather Chokers” subtitle=”Remarkable chokers for brave ones with 4 Elements.” link_url=”/leather-chokers” bg_image=”47283″ height=”400px”]

Highlight your character! Meet leather chokers with wooden pendants. Choose the element that suits your personality – fire, water, air and or earth? Match the color of leather belts (pink, beige, black) and enjoy the original accessories!

[banner title=”Wooden Necklaces” subtitle=”A mix of natural wood and resin closed in the subtle necklace” link_url=”/wooden-necklaces” bg_image=”46344″ height=”400px”]

Each one is different, each one is special. We break wood by hand and make an extraordinary design of the necklace. We add colourless resin and… that’s how we make wooden necklaces by Plantwear “Horizons of Imagination”. What do you see in your necklace?

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