Wooden Pins

Discover the collection of wooden pins! Made by marquetry technic and veneered in 6 colours. Choose 1 of 25 unique shapes!

Wooden Pins – Finest Accessories!

 If you prefer original accessories, you’ll fall in love with our new collection! Meet wooden pins by Plantwear: 25 unique shapes that will help you to make every outfit look great!

Pins become favourite finery every streetwear enthusiast. A wooden pin will help you to accent your passion or character. You can easily take it off and put on your t-shirt or cap.

Wooden Pins – Finery for every nature’s lover!

What makes our pins so special? Beside of unique design, our pins are made of natural wood! So it’s a perfect gift idea for every nature’s lover! Each pin is made by marquetry technic and every single pin is veneered in one of the six available colours.

Bet on originality and choose wooden pins by Plantwear!

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