Wooden Bracelet – Tree of Life – Light Wood


Do you believe, that some symbols can bring good energy? That, some symbols mean something more? Braided bracelet with Tree of Life is something for you!


Wooden Bracelet – Tree of Life – Light Wood

Tree of life symbolizes a fresh start, good energy, well health and bright future. It’s also a symbol of connection to all things. Just like its roots reach the soil, you are deeply connected to the rest of the world. So, if you believe in symbols, wooden bracelet with tree of life is something just for you! 

Technical data:

  • Bracelet material: waxed cord
  • Pendant material: wooden plywood
  • Bracelet circumference: adjustable between 13 and 27 cm
  • String width: 6mm or 10mm
  • Preservation: natural oil
  • Instructions for use: avoid prolonged water exposure (bath, swimming pool)
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