Wooden Bracelet – Insects – Rosalia Longicorn


Bracelet with wooden pendant inspired by Rosalia Longicorn. The elytra of this beetle are blue-grey with black spots: just a perfect mix of colours! Choose jewellery dedicated to this rare and protected insect!

Bracelet circumference: adjustable, max. 22 cm.

Pendant length: 4,5 cm.

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Wooden Bracelet – Insects – Rosalia Longicorn

Where beetle is at its best? In natural environment! That’s why it has inspired us to make extraordinary jewellery for every nature lover. Wooden bracelet Rosalia Longicorn proves that natural creations are out of sight and nothing could compare to it! 

And remember 500 photos of your jewellery = 1 wooden home for insects!

Technical data:

  • Bracelet material: waxed cord
  • Pendant material: oak
  • Bracelet circumference: adjustable, max. 22 cm. 
  • Pendant length: 4,5 cm. 
  • Instructions for use: avoid prolonged water exposure (bath, swimming pool)
wooden bracelet
Weight0.040 kg
Dimensions19 × 30 × 3 cm


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