Wooden Bracelet – Insects – Graphosoma lineatum


Meet wooden bracelet dedicated to Graphosoma Lineatum: a small bug with really great beauty. It just had to become a part of the Insects Collection. 

 Bracelet circumference: adjustable, max. 22 cm.

Pendant length: 4,5 cm.

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Wooden Bracelet – Insects – Graphosoma Lineatum

We admire simplicity and originality. That’s why we are so proud of wooden bracelet – Graphosoma Lineatum. Simple colours, ordinary shapes, but in the end – we just can’t take our eyes off it! 

And remember 500 photos of your jewellery = 1 wooden home for insects!

Technical data:

  • Bracelet material: waxed cord
  • Pendant material: oak
  • Bracelet circumference: adjustable, max. 22 cm. 
  • Pendant length: 4,5 cm. 
  • Instructions for use: avoid prolonged water exposure (bath, swimming pool)
wooden bracelet
Weight0.040 kg
Dimensions19 × 30 × 3 cm


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