Wooden Bracelet – Hamsa – Dark Wood


Trendy, handcrafted bracelet made of waxed cord with a wooden pendant. Subtle, intriguing, eye-catching. Choose a colour of the string and step up your wrist game with a unique wooden bracelet.


Wooden Bracelet – Hamsa – Dark Wood

Apparently, the hamsa is an amulet and protector from the „wrong eye”. This symbol draws attention, for sure, and doesn’t let to forget about itself.
Hamsa means… five. Literally. In Arabic countries and Israel, the hamsa is an amulet which protects from suffering and misery. It’s also known as Hand of Fatima or Hand of Miriam. Hamsa Bracelet – what it will be for you?#PlantwearPack is waiting for you! Find a wolf in yourself and join us! Wooden Wolf Bracelet is a stamp. For brave ones. For the freemen. For those who like to do their’s own thing.
Meaning of the bracelet may be different: the symbol of the lifestyle, the character of owner or attachment to nature. It’s your choice. Order. Try. Decide.

Technical data:

  • Bracelet material: waxed cord
  • Pendant material: wooden plywood
  • Bracelet circumference: adjustable between 13 and 27 cm
  • String width: 6mm or 10mm
  • Preservation: natural oil
  • Instructions for use: avoid prolonged water exposure (bath, swimming pool)

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