Wish Bracelet – Citrin – One


Can a bracelet fulfill your wish like a shooting star? Probably not… But it can certainly motivate you to work hard, which will lead you to your goal. Let every look at the Wish – Citrin – One bracelet remind you that your dream is at your fingertips.

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Wish Bracelet with Citrin 


  • bracelet material: black jewelry string
  • stones: citrin – a smooth ball, diameter approx. 6 mm
  • additional elements: gold-colored stainless steel, gold-plated 925 silver
  • bracelet length: adjustable up to 25 cm
  • standard packing: cotton bag


The stones used in the bracelets are natural stones. Their color may be different from those presented in the photos.

Do you like to develop professionally? If yes, then this is the perfect bracelet for you! According to people who believe in the magical power of natural stones, citrin has the power to maintain stability and security in their working life. A bracelet with this stone will be your amulet, which will support you and protect you from bad influences every day. Will you trust the power of citrin?

We know that not everyone believes in helping stones. If you belong to this group and you are still chasing your dreams, then the Wish – Citrin- One bracelet is also for you. We will not guarantee you that it will fulfill all your secret desires, but worn on your wrist every day, it will remind you that its fulfillment depends only on you. The citrin bracelet will therefore be a silent observer of your struggles, and will remind you in difficult moments to never give up.

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